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About TRIP and the team behind the scenes

TRIP is designed to streamline the transition process for people in the trans+ community. The goal is to increase accessibility by way of information and resources, and to be able to overcome any barriers that currently exist in trans+ healthcare.



When our founder, Jess began to pursue her own gender affirming surgery, she uncovered barriers in trans+ healthcare that could prevent people from following the same journey. Time off from work, insurance coverage and an understanding of how to navigate claims, support from loved ones, financial resources, the list goes on.


The biggest challenge Jess uncovered is that insurance companies require patients seeking gender-affirming surgeries to provide a "letter of support" from a licensed therapist. Unfortunately, some people simply don't have access to therapy. When they do, the majority of therapists, even those who claim to be "affirming," refuse to write this letter, leaving trans+ people with no options.

Jess decided she had to take action.


As a licensed clinical social worker, she realized that she could provide evaluations and referral letters of support in her home state of New Jersey.


jess barrows.jpg

JESS BARROWS - she/her


Jess is a licensed clinical social worker, and licensed clinical drug and alcohol counselor. Jess works with veterans with a substance use disorder at her full time job, and works with a variety of populations in her additional role. Jess founded TRIP and has been privileged to be a part of trans+ people’s journeys.


When Jess isn’t working, she can be found traveling with her girlfriend, sipping iced coffee, and playing with her dog.


SARAH BEST - she/her


Sarah is a lifelong advocate for inclusivity. After seeing the viral post from Jess and learning more about trans+ healthcare barriers, Sarah knew she had to be involved.


Professionally, Sarah works in the beauty industry with a background in sales and education, most recently with an emphasis on sustainability. At TRIP, Sarah helps to manage special projects and works with Jess to streamline operational processes and design comprehensive educational materials. 

Gwen Islam.jpg

GWEN ISLAM - she/her


Gwen currently work as an outpatient therapist at a non-profit community mental health clinic up in MA. Gwen is beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of TRIP because she believes access to safe spaces and affirming care is a basic right that everyone deserves to have. Gwen shares that she is lucky that to love what she does both in her regular work and with TRIP! Outside of work, Gwen can typically be found running around with her young baby and old dog. 



We proudly provide evaluations and referral letters of support for gender-affirming care, including hormone replacement therapy and gender-affirming surgery, for folks residing in New Jersey and Massachusetts. 

We believe requiring evaluations and referral letters is a gatekeeping and outdated practice. However, it is still a requirement. We will work to get through barriers until we can remove them!


Own a business and want your team to learn the importance of inclusivity and allyship? We offer curriculum, in-person and virtual training, and consulting to teach you and your team everything you need to know to support an inclusive, diverse, LGBTQ+ friendly work environment. 


Our resource library is updated regularly with all the information you need about the transition process from start to finish. From affirming mental health providers and gender-affirming surgeons to vocal coaches and hair salons, we provide referrals that our team has carefully vetted to ensure you feel supported and welcome. 


Not sure where to start? Unclear of what gender-affirming options are right for you? We have downloadable PDFs with step-by-step guides on navigating your transition journey.

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